Standardize and Govern your MRO Spare Parts with MDO’s Unique Description Generator

Prospecta’s Master Data Online (MDO) solution has a unique feature – ‘Description Generator’, which ensures Data Quality and Standardization of Spare Parts.

Today, most companies are still managing their MRO spare parts without any standard procedure and lacks data quality in the absence of a proper governance framework. To overcome this gap, MDO Description Generator helps enterprises manage issues related to Duplicates and Standards resulting in Inventory Optimization.

Are you utilizing this feature to your advantage?

MDO Description Generator allows business users to create material/product description in 3 simple steps:

1. Users can select a “Noun” based on the type of material.

2. In this step, users can add different “Attribute” values like Item Type, Part Number, Diameter etc. to distinguish this product from others. Users can select attribute values either from drop down or they can enter new values directly in text box. Once all attribute values are provided, system will review it and incase of duplicate values system will prompt “Error with a list of duplicate records with duplicate description percentage”. Based on the data provided by user a unique short and long material description will be generated by MDO.

3. Users can see the final material descriptions generated by system and if everything is correct, they can click on “Create” button, otherwise they can go back to Step 2 and make desired changes to proceed further.

Once material description is created, user will be able to see the same description in all the languages as specified by system admin. With a business-friendly UI, one can easily map new material codes against UNSPSC/GS1 standards in a matter­ of few seconds and thus, automate the entire description generation process. A fantastic tool for the business to use without any dependency on IT.

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