MDO Master Data Online

Trustworthy and Reliable Data

Master Data Online (MDO) is an enterprise MDM data platform enables processes from creation of Master Data through disposal of data. MDO manages all key aspects of Data Quality and Data Governance. The platform is built on a governance framework allowing fitment for multiple use cases across industries. MDO comes with out of the box industry standards, business rules and best practices in data management.

MDO is SAP and Salesforce certified yet technology-agnostic Data Governance Framework and allows creating rules & adjudication of the operational processes within Master Data Management. The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning rules can acquire master data without the intervention of manual activities, both online and in bulk.


A comprehensive data solution for SAP customers, MDO is an SAP OEM Solution and uses SAP Cloud Platform components to connect and integrate with on-premise and cloud SAP installations. It provides SAP users with trustworthy, reliable data by mediating, managing and governing core master data shared by multiple business domains with seamless integration.

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MDO for Data Management

MDO for Data Management

Master Data Online (MDO) is a solution that helps you to improve the quality of your data and provides the necessary governance around your enterprise systems. The role of MDO in your system landscape is to be the data layer that will improve data quality both by Active and Passive Governance. The MDO platform has the capability to integrate with all leading third-party solutions.

Common MDO Use Cases

Material (MRO & Supplies)

Reduce spare part inventory holding costs with standardized auto generated material descriptions.

Finished Goods / Product Management

Manage all your Materials, Finished Goods and Semi Finished goods on a single platform.

Vendor Onboarding and Governance

HTML forms to easily on-board Vendors and Suppliers.

Data Quality for Transformation Projects

Low code intuitive interface allows administrators to define/modify governance rules without technical assistance.

Governance of EAM Master Data

A comprehensive governance framework that supports different types of business rules including mandatory checks, dependency rules, duplicate checks and many more.

Customer Data Governance & Protection

Predefined data objects to manage customer master data.