Master Data Online – Data Quality Workbench

MDO’s Data Quality Work Bench allows business users to define ‘Schemas’ based on required set of business rules. Plan your business rules on any of the below categories:

1. De-duplication
2. Accuracy
3. Validness
4. Completeness
5. Timeliness

Post executing the schema, the MDO tool will highlight the line items which are not matching with the defined rule/s and the mismatch entries will be showcased in the form of an error report. Users can see a detailed error report which will include exact number of data records failed in a particular business rule.

So, how does one update these invalid records?

MDO allows business users to correct invalid data in 3 different ways.

1. Form View: Users can open a complete form where all the data of that record is shown. All invalid data fields will be highlighted in red color and users can rectify, validate and save it.

2. Inline Editing: Here, users can edit all invalid fields on Data Quality Work Bench on screen itself. Users can update records one by one and save it.

3. Excel Connect: It allows business users to download all error records in an excel sheet. Now users can do required changes in the downloaded excel file and validate it before pushing it back into the system. Users can also filter data records based on business rules.

The MDO Data Quality Workbench has the capability to integrate seamlessly with SAP ECC, SAP S4/HANA, Salesforce, Microsoft and any other system which supports web services making it a truly flexible yet powerful tool.

*Available on MDO version 2.19 onwards

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