MDO Data Inteligence Workbench

Companies today are gathering enormous amounts of data through various initiatives and digital transformation projects. MDO’s Data Intelligence Workbench (DIW) solution allows for achieving a high quality of data using various models and business rules. It provides business users with a very strong framework for high-quality data with a fully collaborative model where the user has the flexibility to define their own custom business rules.

Data Quality is measured based on the core six dimensions – Completeness, Consistency, Accuracy, Timelessness, Validity and Uniqueness. DIW is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and applies different machine learning models on any data for classification, duplicates, detect anomalies, third party inclusion and regression. DIW is used in both Master Data Management and the Fuse Platform. The tool is ERP agnostic and can be used by both SAP and Salesforce users.


MRO Standardization & Governance for Spares

Unique description generator helps to keep descriptions standardized & consistent along with de-duplication.

Enterprise Asset Management

MDO delivers data governance & process automation, across all EAM data objects and seamlessly collaborate with other solutions.

Business Partner Management

Real time data validation for Customer & Vendor master data through external sources. Personnel data privacy compliance & right to be forgotten.

Data Quality & Analytics

MDO Data Health Analytics provides a strong insight on the data quality with a fully collaborative model.

MDO for Salesforce

Data Governance

MDO allows users to De-dupe & merge, identify & complete missing information, enrich & standardize data and manage inconsistent information.

Data Migration

MDO’s pre-defined toolset & data migration templates for Salesforce makes it easy to migrate good quality data into your new Salesforce environment.

Certified Data Models

MDO offers pre-configured with integrated and certified data models for Salesforce users.

Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce App Exchange certification process enables us to create certified adapters.

Key Benefits

High Quality Data

Achieve high data quality for successful Digital transformation projects where the quality of data needs to be checked.

Remove Duplicates

Remove potential data duplicates while cleansing or migrating Master Data from one platform to another.

Clean Master Data

Cleanse master data based on pre-defined business rules.

Pre-Defined and Custom Business Rules

Use both pre-defined rules and rules that can be defined by data analyst with limited technical knowledge. Define ‘Schemas’ based on required set of business rules.

External Validation Sourcing

Connect into various external source for validation e.g. Dun & Bradstreet, via API framework.

Automate and Govern

Automate and Govern the complete Master Data process.