Godrej implemented MDO for Master Data Governance

Industry: FMCG and Consumer Goods

One of the largest Indian conglomerate with 7 major companies with interests in real estate, FMCG, industrial engineering, appliances, furniture, security and agri care – to name a few – with a turnover crossing 4.1 billion dollars.

Business Challenges:

  • Large volume of unstructured and duplicate Material, Customer, Vendor Master data
  • Wrong data entry by users as there are no validations and checks
  • No defined approval and authorization process
  • No mass processing
  • Manual process of maintaining Master Data leads to a lot of duplication and inconsistent material data.
  • Complex master data scenarios
  • No defined descriptions for the materials leading to inventory issues.

Business Benefits

  • MDO streamlined various important business processes using its process oriented approach of workflow and SLA functionality:
    • Critical Path Study management
    • Timely start of production for the same SKU
    • Regular update of BOM in SAP after SKU code creation
    • Update planned prices for RM / PM (Raw materials and Pack Materials) of the same Finished Good SKU
    • Release standard costing
  • The Escalation matrix and the Reminder event have helped the resources to minimize phone calls and unplanned stake holders meet. As reminders provoke them to complete the task list in time.
  • With MDO business has started believing in “taking order today and delivering it yesterday”. As MDO works in proactivity, even if the user is not proactive MDO will make him as it has the concept of Work flow and management decided time line.
  • Master data maintenance used to be a technical Team’s job but the simplicity and flexible nomenclature of MDO  has created a huge awareness among the user for all the master data fields and its relevance.
  • Data entered by the users are now governed using MDO leading to accurate, clean and consistent data leading to efficient inventory and operations management.
  • Capability of MDO’s Respond towards Business changes drew huge acclaim.
  • The Day is not far when MDO will stand for “Mind depends and defaults on” for the organization.