CEAT utilizes MDO to manage their Material and Vendor Masters

Industry: Automotive

About CEAT

CEAT was established in 1958 with its headquarters in Mumbai. CEAT is one of India’s leading tyre manufacturers and has presence in global markets, and has a manufacturing capacity of over 95,000+ tyres per day catering to various segments like Heavy-duty Trucks and Buses, Light Commercial Vehicles, etc.

Business Challenges:

The organization was facing challenges in terms approval processes. The process of creating Material and Vendor database was completely manual. This was a major challenge which also lead to issues in the approval process:

  • Large volume of unstructured and duplicate Material Master data.
  • Unstructured approval process of new records of Vendor and Materials.
  • Multiple users creating same records across various locations resulting in numerous duplicate data.
  • No intimation for new Vendor registrations lead to delay in approval and PO creation.

Business Benefits:

By implementing MDO, CEAT is now able to record the entire master and vendor records post approval workflows:

  • Approval of material master at different level of business units.
  • Vendor master, records are verified by the approver at the specific plant before uploading them on to the system.
  • Clean and consistent master data enhancing decision making.
  • Process Transparency.
  • Timely email and push notifications informing the concerned stakeholders regarding new and upcoming tasks.