Prospecta was founded in 2002 in Sydney, Australia to provide niche services for enterprise customers in data and automation.
Prospecta has evolved to be one of the key data players within the technology industry. We have a team of 150+ people who are passionate
and focused to build a robust solution providing trustworthy data. We help organizations in their data journey to build a data culture.

MDO – Helping Build a Data Culture in your Data Journey

Master Data Online (MDO) delivers trustworthy and reliable data to business users by mediating, managing and governing core master data shared by multiple master data domains. 

Available both on cloud and enterprise models MDO has the ability to integrate with SAP, Salesforce and other leading enterprise solutions. 

A highly flexible , business friendly solution, MDO empowers the business users to take control of their data to improve process efficiencies and make important decisions around their trustworthy data.

MDO Solution Areas​

Master Data Online (MDO) is an enterprise data platform that provides a single source of truth with Governance, Data Quality,
Automation and Collaboration – ‘all in one place’. The tool is technology agnostic, and is certified with SAP and Salesforce.

Master Data Management

Data Governance Framework that allows creating rules & adjudication of the operational processes within Master Data Management.

Data Intelligence Workbench

The MDO DIW has the tools and framework to support business rules based on traditional models and AI-based models, improving Data Quality.

MDO Fuse - Data Driven Business Platform

A data driven business platform for enterprise customers with a reliable data capture mechanism based on automation and intelligence.

MDO Platform Features

MDO has its unique product features, which helps businesses maximize their ROI around data related challenges.

Role Based accountability and security

Mass Processing with Workflow and Governance

Pre–Defined Business Rules for various data domains with external validators

A Data Quality Framework that allows you to define data rules

User Centric – Configurable Interfaces for Mass and Online

An Integration Framework with Certified Adapters, DB/File Adapters and Rest Services

Workflow can be sequential or parallel.

A Collaborative framework for External Partners.

Analytics for SLA, Audit Logs and KPI’s for managing data

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